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Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer

Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer

Siofra Mcmahon
September 21, 2021

Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer

If you apply for a gig and it has not yet been accepted, you can cancel your application at any time.

If you have been accepted for a gig and need to cancel, below are the guidelines you must follow:

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If the gig starts in less than 24 hours, you must call Gigable's dedicated helpline: Ireland - 019203958 UK - 003332420506.
Failure to complete this step can result in penalisation or being blocked from Gigable

If the gig start time is more than 24 hours away, you can cancel on the app

  1. Please utilise the chat function on the app to explain to the business why you are cancelling the gig. Doing so will improve your chances of finding work in the future.

2. Head to 'My Gigs', select your gig and click on the 3 dot menu icon on the top right of the screen and press remove application.3. Wait for a notification at the bottom of the screen to confirm cancellation.

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Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer

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