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Exclusive offer with Moby

No Car? No Problem!Gigable E-Bike is on the Move, The Moby Move.

Exclusive Offer for Gigable Freelancers with 50% off Moby Ebikes!For just an average of .70 cent per delivery*  gain access to High Volume, City Centre Gigs.

  • No maintenance
  • No recharge
  • No hassle

Just Mount and Move with Moby Move, from one of over 100 Moby E-Bikes across Dublin City, it's that easy.To avail of the Gigable Delivery Freelancer rate, simply download and install the MOBY MOVE app and sign up, once registered, enter your exclusive Gigable voucher code and a 50% discount on ride costs will be applied to your account.MOBY MOVE is currently ONLY available in Dublin at this time.To request your exclusive Gigable Freelancer code for MOBY MOVE - complete the below detail and we'll forward your unique code.*Based on an average of 4 deliveries per hourTo find out more about MOBY MOVE works click here

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The Moby Move

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Exclusive offer with Moby

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