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Gigable App Updates

Gigable App Updates!

Our product team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Gigable app a smoother, easier and more transparent experience. So, what's new?

New Filters

You can now filter gigs by their start date!Choose gigs starting today, this week, in 2 weeks or at anytime.

Browse Gigs option now available.

You can now browse gigs and choose to  ‘Apply’ or ‘Join Waitlist’. This allows you to know the exact status of each gig before you decide to apply!In 'Browse Gigs' details of pay per hour, per delivery, per KM travelled, or the set fee for the gig – are on view per gig in this section. You’ll know exactly how much you can earn per gig at a glance.

Upcoming Gigs:

On your upcoming gigs page, each gig will be tagged as ‘in review’, ‘picked for gig’ or ‘on waitlist’.This creates complete transparency around your application status with Gigable.

Start hiring today.

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Gigable App Updates

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