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How Applying For Gigs Works

Applying For a Gig - How it Works


Complete your profile, upload your ID & ensure your location services are enabled before you apply for Gigs

1. Browse Gigs

Here you can see the gigs available near you. As you scroll through the gigs you will see the type of work advertised, the business name, the time and date of the gig, the location, the Gig number (ID #) and the payment rate,You can use the filter in the top right corner filter by gig start dates, the gigs distance from your current location.

For further details on each gig: click on the gig. Here you can see the gig description: any requirements, location details, start time, finish time and the rate of pay.Once you’re ready to apply, just press the ‘Apply’ Button and the business will receive a notification. It is now up to the business to decide if they want to accept you or another freelancer.Each gig you apply for goes to the ‘My Gigs’ section.Please note:

  • Gigs that have a blue 'Apply' button are open and available.
  • Gigs that have a 'Join Waitlist' button already have a driver confirmed. We recommend joining the waitlist as it is common for gigs to become available again.

My Gigs

This section allows you to see the gigs you have applied for and the status of each application. There are 4 statuses to look out for when you have applied for a gig:In Review - this means the gig is still open and nobody has been accepted by the business yetPicked for Gig - this means you have been accepted for the gig. You will receive a notification when you are accepted. Press on the gig to find out important details such as the date, time and location of the gig. Please ensure you read these details carefully. Once you have completed a gig, it is time to apply for payment. Go to the gig and press 'Done'.On Waitlist - this means that someone else has been accepted for the gig. However, you may be contacted if the gig opens up again. If you don't want to be on the waiting list, please remove your applicationTo be paid - This means the gig has been completed, but the Business hasn't executed the payment yet. Once executed, it will not appear here anymore and it will appear on the "Payments" section

3. Payments

This section allows you to see the payment status for each of your gigs.When the payment is processed you will receive an invoice to your email address and status of the gig will change to ‘Paid’.Payment status:

  • Pending: The payment was executed by the Business and is being automatically prepared for transfer to your bank account.
  • On the way: The payment is being transferred to your bank account. The ETA (Expected Time of Arrival) for that payment is now displayed.
  • Paid: The payment has been successfully transferred into your bank account.

Important: All Payments are executed by the Business you worked with.Please note that payments through Stripe take up to 5 working days to reach a bank account. Businesses who pay using Revolut for Business can expect to see payments reach freelancers in one working day (for regular bank accounts) or instantly (for freelancers who have Revolut registered in their payment settings).For further details on how payments work with Gigable, please see our blog post here

Now What?

Once you complete the gig, you will have an opportunity to rate the business owner. Be fair here, as they will also be rating you on your performance.

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How Applying For Gigs Works

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