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How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig

How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig

Siofra Mcmahon
September 21, 2021

How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig​

Gigable's new check-in and check-out feature makes it easy to apply for payment once you have completed a gig.

When you are confirmed as chosen for a gig, you'll receive a reminder to check-in 10 minutes before the gig starts.

  1. Check-in on the app when you are about to start working.

2. When you reach the end of your gig, press check-out on the app.3. You will then be prompted to manually correct your time, if you need to do so.

4. Once complete, a request for payment will go to the business.Once a business gets a notification that payment is due they have 72 hours to process payment. When the payment is processed you will receive an invoice to your email address and the gig will move to the 'Payments' section, where you can track your payment.Please note that payments through Stripe take up to 5 working days to reach a bank account. Businesses who pay using Revolut for Business can expect to see payments reach freelancers in one working day (for regular bank accounts) or almost instantly (for freelancers who have Revolut registered in their payment settings) from the moment that the payment is executed.

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How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig

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