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Laughter Lounge Event

Laughs Delivered by Gigable

Gigable are excited to be teaming up with the Laughter Lounge, Dublin to deliver some much needed laughs to the homes of your customers!

As a Gigable partner restaurant, gift some free laughs to your customers!

Request your Laughter Lounge stickers using the form below, and the link printed on them will entitle your customers to 10 mins of complimentary comedy, with a full hour for just €7.50 if it tickles their funny bone!

Gigable and Laughter Lounge, bringing some of Irelands funniest comedians to the sitting rooms of your customers this Summer.

Request your stickers below so we can get them sent to you!

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Get your Laughter Lounge Sticker for deliveries

Enter your details below and we will send your Laughter Lounge stickers to you!

You don't have to do anything else, just add your stickers to your takeaway packaging to give your customers a fun surprise!

Laughs Delivered by Gigable

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Laughter Lounge Event

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