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New Product Feature-CheckIn CheckOut

What Gigable's new delivery management - check in check out feature means

Our new app features will allow better time management & efficiency for both the restaurant & Freelancer while working together for the duration of your shift (Gig).

  • Better time management & efficiency for restaurants in terms of prepping next orders for your next delivery.
  • Less waiting around for orders to be prepared, meaning more orders for delivery throughout your shift (Gig!).
  • More deliveries = More opportunity to earn more money!
Update your Gigable app today to avoid any disruption with these new features.

Live Gig Section

You will now find a 'Live Gig' section on your Gigable app.

From 10 minutes before the gigs start time, it will appear in this tab, up until 10 minutes after its finish time.

This tab allows for easier check-in at the start of a gig - just hit the navy button at the end of the screen!

Please note, you can still check-in from the gig details page as before if you wish!

Businesses will now be able to assign you specific orders within the Live Gig section.

As you complete each order you can mark it as 'Picked-Up', i.e you have collected it from the restaurant, or 'Delivered' i.e delivered to the customers address.

When you have finished your gig, check out on the Live Gig tab by hitting the 'Click to Check-out' button on the top left of the screen.

Once you Check-out, you will be prompted to 'Complete Gig'. Here you will confirm your hours worked without delay, this will then go to the restaurant to authorise and process for payment. The addition of this feature will inevitably shorten time to clear payments.

The option to check-out from the gig details screen will also remain.

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New Product Feature-CheckIn CheckOut

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