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Summer Lovin' Challenge

Want to EARN a €200 reward and be in with a chance to win an Asus i3 laptop, iPhone 12 or an Apple Watch! Join Gigable's Summer Lovin' Challenge - complete gigs to get access to Gigable bonus rewards and multiple raffle entries to some slick prizes!

Complete gigs from today Thursday 22nd July and Tuesday 31st August to be eligible.

  • Complete 25 gigs and receive a €200 One4All Voucher, plus be entered into a draw for an Asus i3 laptop.
  • Complete 20 gigs to receive a €150 One4All Voucher plus be in with the chance to win an iPhone 12.
  • Complete 12 gigs to get a €75 One4All Voucher and be entered into a draw to win an Apple Watch.

There are some extra ways to win!

  • Each gig during this period is an entry into the relevant raffle.
  • Gigs completed on Fridays and Saturdays  get you 4x entries into the raffle i.e. if you completed 4 weekend gigs out of 12, you get 16 entries plus 8 for completing the weekday gigs, that's 24 entries total for 12 gigs!
  • Refer a friend and if they complete a tier then you get the same tier bonus as them - once you’ve completed the promotion yourself!

Terms and Conditions

  • Only gigs completed between July 22nd and August 31st are eligible for inclusion.
  • Your rating average across eligible gigs must be 4 stars.
  • If you do not show up to any gigs across this period you will be immediately removed from the promotion.
  • If you cancel a gig on the same day as it is scheduled to begin, you will forfeit 10 raffle entries.
  • You must complete the form on the landing page in order to claim your prize(s).
  • Only 1 voucher will be awarded per person - on September 1st we will check how many gigs you have completed and give you the largest voucher amount you are entitled to.
  • Vouchers will be sent out and winners will be announced by September 30th.
  • Raffle will take place on the 7th September for all three prizes
  • Winners will be contacted directly via email and added to our monthly winners blog post.
Bonus claims will be tracked once campaign ends on the 31st August please fill out the form below to claim your bonus prize from the 31st August and let us know if you referred a friend!

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Summer Lovin' Challenge

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