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Using Gigable Business Portal

Top Tips for Using Gigable as a Business

Navigating the Gigable business portal effectively and efficiently is important to get the most out of Gigable, so we’re here to help with our top 3 tips and tricks for using Gigable as a business!

Duplicating Gigs

Posting multiple gigs every day, week or month? Did you know you can copy a gig by hitting the ‘Duplicate’ button? No need to add all your details each time!

Simply hit duplicate and all of the gig details will be copied into a new gig, just make sure to change the time and date of the gig before posting! There you have it, gigs posted in seconds saving you some valuable time.

Recurring Gigs

Need a gig filled on a recurrent basis? Choose set a gig recurrence and the dates you need filled to copy the gig across multiple days, custom days, or specific days of the week. This handy feature is ideal for the business posting gigs across the week that start at the same time each day!

Different Calendar Views

If you’re a business posting multiple gigs, it can be hard to view them all clearly in the ‘calendar view’ in the portal, a great way around this is using the ‘list view’ function! Using this feature you can view your gigs on a daily basis, rather than monthly, giving you easier oversight of your upcoming gigs!

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Using Gigable Business Portal

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