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Why pick our freelancers?

We have created a platform that allows businesses to connect and hire the right freelancers for their business. Once picked for a gig a freelancer will work directly with your business for the duration of that set time (gig). Have your own delivery driver fleet and take back control of your customer experience!

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Work for your brand only

Unlike other delivery platforms, when you accept a freelancer for your gig they only work with your business for the duration of that gig, allowing you to take control of your customer experience!

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Freelancer Rating

You can rate your experience with freelancer's and choice who you want to work with based off skill, rating and background.

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Message them directly

Use the “chat” button to message the freelancer to confirm any details before accepting them for your gig.


What Gigable provide

We offer a range of features that make finding, managing and paying freelancers for your gigs easy

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Live Tracking



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Fast Payments

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Integrations & Data

No sign-up cost, no ongoing subscription fees only pay when you use it!

Conversation Snippets

What businesses have said about Gigable

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Gigable provides us with a pool of flexible and verified freelance drivers. By placing wellbeing front and centre of its proposition, Gigable freelance drivers help to ensure we can offer a high-end customer experience from start to finish across the full range of Press Up restaurants and brands situated throughout the country.


For a couple of years I was looking for a reliable supplier of delivery drivers and then I came across Gigable. From the start the team showed a genuine and lasting interested in the need of my business. We have been able to successfully grow our delivery business through our partnership with Gigable.

Matt Kelly @ Eddie Rockets Kildare

Gigable gave us all the tools needed to take control of our own delivery service. We have been able to utilise our social media following along with several marketplaces marketing power and offer out a premium delivery service to a huge customer base! From driver scheduling, to payments, to tracking & order management. A fantastic 1-stop shop to manage your own delivery service!


Gigable’s set driver model has given us the ability to take control of our own deliveries in house. It has allowed us to save on costs whilst being able to offer a superior, reliable & professional delivery service to our customers.

Jamie Kenny @ All Bar Chicken

I have found using Gigable to be a game changer for our business. It gives us the flexibility and control for our delivery platform that takes away all the issues that we had experienced with ordering platform drivers. Our costs of delivery through Gigable has given us significant savings over the last year. The customer service is second to none and I would highly recommend any restaurant to use them.

Paul Catterson @Tribal Burger

We found the process to be really smooth, really easy to process payments and get drivers in

Manager @Boxburger & platform pizza
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Integrate your delivery channels & simplify delivery with Gigable

Use Gigable's integrations to create an automated delivery management system for your business from managing your orders to assigning them to your Gigable driver seamlessly.

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What we offer

Create and organise gigs

Using our custom business portal solution you can post gigs for the month and organise the freelancers you need. This way you can plan all the work you need to outsource for your business.

Post multiple gigs for the month

Review and accept a freelancer based on your needs

What we offer

Track Live Deliveries

With our unique check in and out feature you can see real time driver tracking during shifts (gigs) allowing you to have visibility of your freelancers to track driver locations for delivery, ETAs & progress of orders in real- time. This is great for keeping customers up to date on their order !

Orders are automatically populated where an integration is in-place, or they can also be manually created.

Orders are automatically assigned with Deliverect to get your orders straight to a freelancer, Click to Learn More

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Image that shows how to apply to a gig in step 2 of how to use gigable
How it Works

2. Browse and Apply

Once verified you can start browsing for gigs in your area. Apply for gigs that suit you with some of the awesome brands on the Gigable platform. Once you're confirmed for a gig you'll receive a notification. Be sure to...

Message the business after being accepted to learn about their procedures

Note: Waiting lists are gigs that already have someone picked

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What we offer

Pay fast and get invoice records

Gigable's integrated payment solution, allows gigs completed by the freelancers to be paid fast. Gigs can be paid in the mobile app or through the business portal at
For bigger businesses we also now offer bulk payments so you can manage your fleet of drivers and pay them faster !

Its super easy to review a freelancers gig and pay them for the work completed

Bulk pay multiple freelancers you can focus on whats important to your business.

Invoices are automatically generated and stored on your Business portal for future reference.