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Power your Gigable deliveries with Deliverect

What is Deliverect

Unlock the full potential of your restaurant's online presence by combining Gigable with Deliverect's all-in-one solution. Deliverect's seamless integration with POS systems consolidates all online orders, streamlining the process and boosting your margins, making it the perfect partner to build your restaurant's own delivery service with Gigable. Power your restaurant's delivery service with Gigable's network of reliable, self-employed delivery drivers available to hire for shifts and Gigable's delivery managent software with Deliverect's ability to funnel orders from virtually any online channel and POS system.

By using Deliverect you can build and manage your own online ordering service across multiple channels in one place. By integrating your Deliverect account with Gigable, you can then build a fully comprehensive food delivery service for your online takeaway orders. Use Deliverect to consolidate your different online ordering channels, and use Gigable's reliable network of delivery drivers available to hire for shifts, combined with our customisable delivery management software to build an automated, reliable delivery service with the latest tech that meets the demands of your customers.

How the Integration Works

  1. A connection is created between your Gigable and Deliverect accounts.
  2. Orders received through Deliverect are sent directly to your Gigable account.
  3. Orders are stacked, placed on optimised delivery routes and sent to your drivers via our automated order dispatch and delivery management software
  4. Track the driver and order from kitchen to doorstep using our live GPS tracking

What do I need to get started?

You will need to provide the Location ID from your Deliverect account. Don't have a Deliverect account? We can help! Contact your account manager for more information.

How long does it take to set up?

Once we have your Deliverect Location ID, we can activate the integration in a matter of minutes. Once active, all of your Deliverect orders will populate in the delivery management tool in the Gigable Business Portal. From there, you can manage all of your orders and drivers from one location.


Integration is Live

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