Gigable SIA PSA licensed steward and security guard for hire at events and festivals

Reliable staffing for any event

Easily find and hire freelance workers and licensed security personnel to support your events business. From fully PSA and SIA licensed stewards and door supervisors, to cleaning staff and general operatives. Gigable can provide your business with a reliable source of temporary staff available to hire for shifts for any event.

“ We partnered up with Gigable when the demand for Security and Stewards increased for the concert season, and it was a great decision. ”

Alan Crowely,  CEO, 1 Plus Security

Supercharge how you staff your event

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Access our Network

When you join Gigable you get access to our network of rated, high quality freelancer gig workers at your fingertips

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Live Tracking

Track all of the freelancers you hire while they work for you using our tracking map.

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Integrated Payments

Pay freelancers and manage your invoices with ease from our "All-in-one" platform

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Dedicated Support

Our support team and your dedicated account manager will be on hand to provide you support 7 days a week. You will have a dedicated account manager to help you for your entire time with Gigable (and not just for onboarding)

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Data Insights

Leverage unique insights using our tracking data to optimise your operational efficiency. Get heatmaps and track movements across the event from start to finish. Identify bottlenecks and track the performance of your staff using our unique tracking capabilities

1 Plus Security

To ensure that your event is well-staffed and runs smoothly, you need careful planning around how to find, manage, and pay events and security staff. If you're looking to find flexible security and event staff, there are a few different options to consider.

Jan 23, 2024
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Book a demo today with our team of specialists who will take you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

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Book a demo today with our team of specialists who will take you through the platform and answer any questions you have.

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Track your events staff at all times

With our live tracking map, you have the ability to see where your staff are at all times. Be in control and get a birds eye view of what's going on and where all of your staff are at all times.

Know where your staff are at all times with GPS tracking and our live map

Unlock unique insights and reporting from location data for every event

Know exactly when (and where) staff start and end each shift with our geolocation based check in feature.

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Network of Flexible Licensed Security Staff

Never worry about finding suitable staff for your business again. With Gigable, you get access to our large network of experienced security personnel.

Check security license's for full transparency on staff

Vet the right staff before any event

Have full control over the people you hire

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See how Gigable works for your business

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Join Gigable today to get access to our network of highly trained flexible workers. Check out some of the great benefits of using Gigable below:

Access to a network of thousands of skilled gig workers at your finger tips

Full control over who you hire and how much you pay

Wide range of features to supercharge your business and maximise profitability