This is who we are

A team of dedicated hard working entrepreneurs who are trying to change the delivery industry.

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Our Mission

It is our Mission to Maximise the Productivity of Individuals and Business everywhere. We will achieve this by building technology that nurtures:

  • Independence – everyone should be free to direct their own path
  • Equal Opportunities– if you’re good at what you do, it should matter
  • Transparency -- Visibility of your opportunities, ratings & payments with the knowledge as to what's expected of you

We believe in a better world for businesses and freelancers and we strive to make that happen


What we believe in matters


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Value 3

A culture of feedback needs a foundation of kindness. We believe that openness and transparency promotes the exchange of constructive two-way feedback that helps to build a better workplace and happier team members.

Value 2

We’re flexible and give our team a lot of freedom, starting from choosing a place and time for work, to encouraging new skills, even beyond the scope of daily routines. Believe it or not, this can be a challenge because being independent means taking responsibility for your own decisions and actions.

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