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Feeling like contractor management is a full-time job?

Manual contractor and project management can eat up all your time and bog you down in admin. Instead of focusing on strategic tasks, you have to worry about:

Messy scheduling

Coordinating schedules with a pool of independent workers is a logistical nightmare. Inevitably, miscommunication leads to frustration and missed shifts.

Manual payroll

Paying contractors one by one and chasing down invoices is a time-consuming and error-prone process. It's enough to make anyone pull their hair out.

Mountains of paperwork

Contracts, invoices, and timesheets bury you in administrative hell. Finding information you need becomes an archaeological dig.

Lack of transparency

Without using a contractor management system, it’s impossible to track contractors on site and know where they are during shifts.

Contractor compliance

Keeping up with ever-changing tax regulations, worker classification laws, and insurance requirements is a full-time job in itself. One misstep could land you in hot water.

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing contractors

Get back to growing your business – not worrying about filling shifts, manual payments, or compliance risk management.

Compliance management

Stay compliant with built-in features like automated invoicing and "no-questions-asked" substitutions for contractors.

Effortless scheduling

Manage shifts, track contractor availability, and set up automations that handle last minute cancellations or replacements.

Automated payroll

Eliminate the hassle of manual calculations. Keep your contractors happy with instant or same-day payments.

Complete visibility

Gain peace of mind knowing on-site contractors are where they need to be with real-time location tracking and shift tracking.

Streamlined workflows

Our platform automates administrative tasks, keeps everything organised, and gives you easy access to all your data.

Short on staff?

Dip into our vast network of skilled freelancers to fill any gaps in your workforce.

Powerful features to simplify your workflow

Our contractor management software takes the stress out of managing independent contractors. Here are the key features our customers love:
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Contractor marketplace
Clear roster overview
Automatic time tracking
Contractor marketplace
Clear roster overview
Automatic time tracking
Live location tracking
One-click batch payments
Automatic roster filling
Live location tracking
One-click batch payments
Automatic roster filling
Compliance by design
Credit card payments
Revolut, Stripe & Open Bank payments
Compliance by design
Credit card payments
Revolut, Stripe & Open Bank payments
Analytics and reporting
Ratings-based system
Geolocation based check-in - coming soon!
Analytics and reporting
Ratings-based system
Geolocation based check-in - coming soon!

Gigable across industries

Our contractor management software caters to a wide range of industries and can be adapted to various business needs, including:

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Meet peak demands without skipping a beat.
Coordinate contractors with varied skills for efficient warehouse operations.
Scale your team to meet seasonal demands or handle unexpected surges.
Events and security
Ensure everything runs smoothly and simplify event scheduling.
Health, beauty, gyms
Easily onboard temporary staff for holidays or promotional events.
Find and manage contractors to complete projects on time and within budget.

Easy set-up to get you going fast

Follow these simple steps and you'll be up and running in no time.

Create your account

Sign up and set up your company profile to start using Gigable.

Pick the best fit

Choose the ideal candidate for your needs from your team or our contractor marketplace.

Manage with ease

Simplify the day-to-day management of your contractors.

How Gigable transformed these businesses

"Gigable is an exciting staffing platform which has streamlined communication with potential staff and our scheduling systems while providing an accurate audit trail through a user-friendly dashboard."
1 Plus Security
"Gigable has been extremely important for the growth of our business, providing us with access to Freelancer Drivers as and when we need them."
Browne's Kitchen
"it's made food delivery a viable business model.. knowing the drivers and having them rated just removed a huge amount of issues."
Press Up
"Using Gigable allows us to hire freelancer workers on a day to day basis and is a good way of keeping our costs low"
"With Gigable you are in control with who to hire and there is no commitment as they are freelancers If you are a pizza shop, sign up today!"
Naked Pizza

Pricing plans to fit your business

We offer a variety of pricing plans designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.


For occasional short-term staffing needs.
What’s included:
Access to Gigable’s freelancer network
15% transaction fee on payments
Live GPS tracking
Integrated payments and invoicing
Gig automations
Starter level support


For regular short-term staffing needs.
Everything in Starter, plus:
10% transaction fee on payments
Delivery integrations and unlimited orders
Dedicated account support
Pro level support


For high-volume short-term staffing needs.
What’s included:
Custom transaction fees
Managed accounts
Custom features
Dedicated account manager


Want to make sure Gigable is the right contractor management software for you? Get answers to your questions below.

What is contractor management software?

Contractor management software is a digital tool designed to simplify the way businesses manage and pay independent contractors. Gigable’s contractor management software specifically helps restaurants streamline their delivery service by automating the process of finding delivery drivers, rostering, payments, and ensuring compliance.

What is an independent contractor?

An independent contractor is a self-employed individual that provides services to a company but is not considered an employee. They have control over how they perform the work and are responsible for their taxes and other obligations.

What are the benefits of using a contractor management system?

Managing contractors without a contractor management software results in getting bogged down in admin and logistics. Our platform takes the hassle out of everything from finding freelancers to managing their schedules and payments. The result? Saved time and money, a more efficient business, and peace of mind knowing your shifts are filled by the people you can trust.

How do I use Gigable’s contractor management software?

Gigable is designed to be easy to use and navigate. We offer clear instructions and resources to help you get started. Additionally, our dedicated account managers are available to answer any questions and provide ongoing support.

Is there a free version available?

Absolutely! Sign up today and try Gigable's free plan for 30 days. Explore all the features and see how it can simplify your contractor management. After the trial, choose the pricing plan that best suits your business needs.

How do I use the contractor management tool?

You'll find that our contractor management platform is simple and easy to use. Plus, we have dedicated account managers here to help you every step of the way. Contact our team and we'll help your company get rid of time consuming processes in favour of a more flexible way to manage contractors, meet compliance requirements, and operate a successful restaurant business.

What areas does Gigable operate in?

Currently, we operate across the island of Ireland and in major cities in the UK with plans to grow. You can find the latest list of locations on our About page.

How do you ensure compliance with regulations?

Gigable's transparent, shift-based model is compliant with current case law and anticipated legislative changes within the EU. Our Terms and Conditions are designed to support the independence and autonomy of our freelancer network, and our technology makes it easy for businesses to stay up to date with compliance requirements and avoid worker misclassification.

Have more questions about our contractor management system?

We're happy to answer them on a short call. Pick a time here.

Start managing contractors today with Gigable

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