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Gigable is the ideal solution for businesses needing a flexible and reliable workforce. Access a pool of skilled local freelancers for on-demand temp staffing.

Finding short-term workers with a regular staffing agency can be a hassle

It's a time-consuming and frustrating process that often comes with:

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Endless paperwork

Mountains of forms and invoices slow you down and drain your energy.

Unreliable workers

No-shows and cancellations leave you scrambling to fill shifts at the last minute.

Constant recruiting

Finding skilled workers takes a lot of time, and you often end up back at square one.


Gigable puts an end to all of the headaches

Unlike traditional agencies that take ages and cost a fortune, Gigable connects you with temporary workers to handle busy hours, seasonal spikes, and everything in between.

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Delivery and logistics

Build your own delivery service. Or expand your delivery capacity during peak hours or special offers.

Hospitality staffing

Find experienced waitstaff, kitchen porters, and bar backs to cover unexpected rushes or staff vacations.

Event security and staffing

Staff your events with qualified short-term workers –  security personnel, stewards, cleaning crews, and more.

Staff your gigs with people you can always trust

Post a gig, pick the best person for the job, and boom! Your shifts are covered, your customers are happy, and you haven't broken the bank.

Minimise no-shows with rated freelancers

Pick freelancers with top ratings and get dependable help every single time.

Gain complete control over your short-term staffing

Choose who you hire, how much you pay, and how long you hire them for.

Scale your workforce up or down and control cashflow

Access a pool of thousands of candidates available for shift work on short notice.

Fill your gig in 3 simple steps

3 simple steps

Gigable makes it easier than ever to find the help you need, when you need it.
Create your account
Sign up for free and tell us about your temporary staffing needs. A member of our team will contact you to assist you with setting up your account.
Post a gig
Fill out the gig description, job type, and pay rate. Get instant responses from skilled freelancers in your area ready to jump in and help.
Choose the best person
Review profiles, pick the best person for the job, and manage the entire process – from shift confirmation to automated payments – within our platform.

Flexible pricing plans that scale with your needs

Choose the plan that best aligns with your specific organisation and staffing requirements. Only pay for the temp help you use.

For occasional short-term staffing needs.
What’s included:
Access to Gigable’s freelancer network
15% transaction fee on payments
Live GPS tracking
Integrated payments and invoicing
Gig automations
Starter level support
For regular short-term staffing needs.
Everything in Starter, plus:
10% transaction fee on payments
Delivery integrations and unlimited orders
Dedicated account support
Pro level support
For high-volume short-term staffing needs.
What’s included:
Custom transaction fees
Managed accounts
Custom features
Dedicated account manager


Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from other businesses and merchants who use Gigable.

What is Gigable?

Gigable is a marketplace that bridges the gap between businesses in need of part-time help and local freelance gig economy workers. Businesses post part-time jobs (AKA gigs) on the Gigable platform, and interested freelancers can apply to do these gigs.

How is Gigable different from a traditional staffing agency?

Gigable offers a faster, more cost-effective, and flexible solution for short-term staffing needs. We eliminate the lengthy recruitment processes common with traditional agencies. And our transparent pricing plans also save you money on agency fees, as you only pay for the hours your workers actually work. Plus, managing your temporary workforce is simplified through our user-friendly platform, reducing the paperwork and administrative burdens associated with traditional staffing agencies.

How much does it cost?

Gigable charges a fee on freelancer payments, generally ranging from 10% to 15% of the total payment. And if you want to use special features like our delivery management tools, customer engagement functionalities, and delivery system integrations, you pay a fixed monthly subscription.

Who can I hire through Gigable?

Gigable’s marketplace has a wide range of freelancers with varying skills across multiple industries. Whether you're building a delivery team, seeking facility management support, needing extra hands in hospitality, or requiring security staff, our platform connects you with the right people for the job.

How much do I need to pay freelancers?

Gigable is an open marketplace. As such, the rates of pay you set for your gigs are entirely up to you. Businesses that pay more will naturally attract more applicants for their gigs and have the best freelancers to choose from. You can choose to pay a per hour, per delivery and/or per kilometre rate for your gigs, or alternatively you can offer a fixed "set price" for your gigs.

How do I pay gigs?

All gigs are paid through the Gigable platform using one of our payment options. These options include card payments through Stripe, and virtually instant peer-to-peer banking payments through Revolut and TrueLayer*. All payments made through the platform have corresponding invoices for accounting.

See how easy and fast hiring temporary staff can be

The key to a more profitable and successful business is just one click away. Find out how Gigable can streamline your temporary staffing and drive business transformation.

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