January 15, 2019

A perennial truth seen in 2018: Demand is hard to predict!

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First off, a huge thank you to all of our Business Partners, Gig Owners and Gig Helpers who made 2018 an incredibly exciting and productive year. We were truly honoured and delighted to be able to help out so many of you in the run up to Christmas and can't wait to keep moulding the Future of Work together in 2019.

Now, as the New Year is well under way and businesses are back in full swing after the holidays, one lesson has become more apparent than ever to us here at Gigable, and our partners in business. Whether you are a busy pizza place, a courier company, a hotel or restaurant, accurately predicting when exactly demand will peak is an almost impossible task! We don't mean down to the months, or even weeks, we mean down to the day. The weather, the timing of public holidays, entertainment events near your business, actions of competitors... the list goes on! There are so many explainable (and inexplicable) factors that go into dictating how busy or not your business will be on a particular night.

To ensure your customer satisfaction, you have to consistently hire more than you need to meet demand that may or may not materialise... "just to be safe". But this often leads to wasted time, money and energy which in turn can be detrimental to the morale and longevity of both your business and your team. Christmas is the perfect example, we all knew the run up would be busy, but just how busy? and on what days in which week will we be busiest? How many extra staff will we need to meet the higher-than-normal demand? In an ideal world businesses would know the answer to these questions weeks, if not months in advance. But in the world we really live in, the answers to these questions are "live" and in the moments before you cross the line into 'too busy to handle'.

That's where we come in. The next time you need to meet demand - "on-demand" - check out how our platform can help. We believe in your independence, and are building the ultimate customisable mobile tool for your business to get the help it needs, when it needs it. You set the "Gig" you need done, the work, the time, the dates and the rates, and available Gig Helpers out there will tag in to to help you out. To learn more register on our homepage and check back to our website or Twitter feed @GigableWork for updates.

Thanks as always for reading and bring on 2019!

The Gigable Team

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