March 30, 2023

Gigable partners with Yoello to provide low-fee food delivery

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Gigable has partnered with Yoello to provide our merchants access to an award winning mobile ordering solution for their restaurant. Yoello provides multiple easy-to-use solutions for online ordering.

Build a profitable delivery service

This means you can now combine Yoello’s award winning order and pay functionality with Gigable solutions for food delivery to build your own profitable food delivery service. Use Gigable’s delivery management software to receive orders from any online channel, stack orders automatically, optimise delivery routes and track your deliveries from the kitchen all the way to your customer’s doorstep. Combine this with Yoello’s incredibly low fees to create a profitable and sustainable revenue stream for your restaurant.

Own your customer experience

By hiring your own delivery drivers for shifts through Gigable, you get access to a reliable network of delivery drivers for your restaurant. You have full control to choose who you hire and how much you pay them. This allows you to increase your profits by 8% per order when compared to other delivery service providers, who charge excessive fees on your customer’s basket value.

Gigable allows you to create teams of your favourite drivers, and all the tools you need to provide a top class delivery service, including your very own branded driver tracking links for your customers. Combining these features and Gigable’s network of reliable delivery drivers with the low fees from Yoello means you can take back control of your customer experience and provide a delivery service you can be proud of.

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