Gigable Versus The Aggregator

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Using the Gigable platform you can turn a €0.70 / 2.3% loss into a €5.92 / 19% profit versus an Aggregator platform all while paying a living wage (€14.50) to your drivers!

The diagrams below detail is based on figures from findings by 2021 McKinsey & Company report, including owned data. Using this data we can see the staggering savings a restaurant can make on every order they deliver.

1. Gigable
2.The Aggregator

Details in the diagram are based on

  • Driver Tips not included
  • Figures based on findings by 2021 McKinsey & Company report.
  • Values have been converted to Euro for comparative purposes
  • Based on Gigable driver wage of €14.50 per hour and 2 deliveries per hour

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