June 1, 2021

Gigable CEO, John Ryan, speaks with Adrian Weckler

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Gigable CEO, John Ryan, sits down with Adrian Weckler

Gigable is delighted to be gaining increasing coverage across national media outlets, and this recently took the form of a series of pieces with tech editor of the Irish and Sunday Independent, Adrian Weckler, in conversation with our CEO & Founder, John Ryan.

Our recent partnership with Press Up dominates the coverage across these pieces as this signals the growth and success of Gigable so far. The podcast features a meeting of minds discussing the merits and issues of the gig economy and how it should be approached moving forward.  

List to the podcast below:

A recent piece by Adrian Weckler, featured in the Irish Independent, highlights Gigable in light of our partnership with Press Up Group and discusses some of Gigable's major milestones so far.

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