How to post a successful Gig

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Key aspects when creating a Gig


What makes a gig more attractive is of course the Pay Rate, if you want to attract drivers to your business you need to be very competitive when it comes to the rate. Remember that you are competing with other business owners to secure the top drivers for the day. By offering longer hours and a top pay rate you will have no worry in securing your driver and improving your delivery business.

Steps to follow when creating a Gig


1.     First you will need to login to the Business Portal here


2.     Here you will then select the day you want to post the gig (2a) and click “Post a Gig” (2b).

3.     You will choose the industry and job type and click “Next”


4.     Now you can select the Start and End time of the Gig and you do have an option here also if you want to make this Gig recurring on different days.


5.     In the Gig Description it is very important here to give as much detail as to what is required of the driver and if there are any add on bonus feature that you offering.


6.     Finally and the most important aspect of posting a Gig is the rate that you will be paying the driver. You are given 4 options here, that is the Hourly Rate, Per Delivery Rate, Per KM Rate or you have the choice of giving a total flat rate for the Entire Gig.

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