March 13, 2023

How To Create A Reliable Source Of Hospitality Staff For Your Business

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In 2022, job vacancies hit a record high of 1.3 million, of which 174,000 are in the hospitality sector. The labour shortage is costing businesses time, money and customers. Businesses are struggling to fill waiting and back of house staffing positions. As a small business owner, you can not afford to waste time being trapped in a never ending cycle of continually recruiting and replacing your churning staff.

We explore different ways small business owners can find hospitality staff and create a sustainable and easy staffing strategy. We also explore how Gigable can be that solution for your business, providing you with a reliable source of talented hospitality staff available to work part-time shifts for your business. Leverage all the benefits of the gig economy for your business with Gigable, an ethical staffing solution that prioritises gig worker well-being.

How can I find a reliable source of hospitality staff?

The following outlines some of the well established, traditional techniques your business can take to find a reliable source of talented hospitality staff. Finding reliable hospitality staff is a challenge, and it requires a serious commitment of both time and money.

1. Offer Competitive Wages and Benefits

Restaurant owners should offer competitive wages and benefits, such as health insurance, to attract and retain employees. With a shortage of skilled labour on the market, and a spiraling cost of living, its important to consider offering competitive wages. This will reduce employee churn, and can save you significant time and revenue in the long term.

2. Advertise job openings on job sites and social media

Use online job boards to expand your reach and post job openings to multiple sites. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can be used to advertise job openings and reach a wider audience. As a restaurant owner, you can showcase your company culture and what benefits you offer employees on your social media channels to help attract new staff.

3. Create detailed and attractive job descriptions

Create a detailed job description that outlines the job requirements, duties, and expectations clearly to applicants. It's important to communicate expectations of the role clearly, including any previous experience or training that is required for the role. It is also crucial to effectively communicate your company values and culture, something that is becoming an increasingly important consideration for the next generation of job seekers. A recent article in Forbe's magazine highlights the importance of a well structured job description that focuses on the skills required for the job:

" High-quality job descriptions also help teams stay rooted in skills-based hiring decisions by focusing on the skills that predict success in the role, not on arbitrary standards and proxy qualifications (e.g., education, experience) that have low predictive value. "
4. Conduct thorough interviews:

Conduct thorough interviews of each candidate to get a better understanding of their skills and previous work experience, and consider doing skill assessment tests where applicable.

5. Follow up with references

If candidates provide any references, why not use them? Reach out to references to get a better understanding of the candidate, who they are, how they work and if they had any issues in their previous roles.

6. Implement Referral Programmes

If you have a pool of existing staff that you know and trust, why not leverage their network of friends and incentivise them to refer good candidates for your open positions. Referrals can be some of the most effective means of recruiting new talent, and rewarding your existing employees for any successful referrals is a sure way to boost employee retention.

A study by Jobvite found that referrals result in hires with greater job satisfaction, higher employee retention and the highest conversion rate (citing that while only 7% of referrals respond to a job opening, they amount to around 40% of all total hires).

Does all of that seem like a lot of work? We think so too. That's why you should consider using Gigable to solve your hospitality staffing challenges. Join Gigable, and hire temp staff for shifts to support your business. Gigable has a network of thousands of skilled flexible workers who can do part-time shift work for your restaurant.

How Gigable is your solution for hospitality staffing

As the gig economy continues to grow, it's time for more businesses to tap into its strength to solve this worker crisis. Freelance gig workers allow you to respond to market needs and demands, as they happen.

Revolutionise how you find new staff, manage rosters and pay your workforce with Gigable. By joining Gigable, your business gets connected to a network of high quality flexible self-employed hospitality staff in your area. Find local flexible workers available to hire for daily shifts for a wide range of hospitality jobs, including everything from kitchen porters to wait staff to delivery drivers. Gigable is an ethical staffing solution for your business that leverages all of the benefits of the gig economy, whilst offering benefits, protections and wage consistency to gig economy workers.

Take back control of your recruitment process with Gigable. Choose exactly who you hire, how long they work for and how much you pay them. Every freelance worker has a public profile with stats and ratings to give you confidence in the hospitality staff you hire. Whether you need someone front of house (like temporary wait staff, hosts or baristas) or someone for back of house (like part-time kitchen porters), Gigable has the solution for you.

Gigable brings worker benefits to the gig economy

Did you know that all Gigable freelancers can get access to meaningful worker benefits. Through out partnership with Collective Benefits, we provide a wide range of valuable benefits to our freelancer community. These benefits include things like public liability insurance, accident and injury cover, digital GP visits, mental health counseling and discounts in leading retailers and in fuel stations to help with the cost of living crisis. You can read more about the benefits that Gigable provides its freelancer community here.

Use Gigable to find staff for temporary jobs

Gigable has a network of thousands of skilled self-employed hospitality workers looking for flexible shift work. We can provide your solve your hospitality staffing challenges by giving you a reliable source of flexible freelance workers who can work multiple different jobs in the hospitality sector. You can use Gigable to fill gaps in your roster, whether its a recurring position you need to fill every week or your just filling a few one off jobs.

By tapping into the Gigable network, you can find a reliable source of flexible staff to work temporary jobs and do part-time shift work in the following positions:

  1. Kitchen Porter jobs
  2. Host and Hostess jobs
  3. Waiter and Waitress jobs
  4. Barback jobs
  5. Cleaners and Facilities Management jobs
  6. Delivery driver jobs and courier jobs
Use Gigable to source a wide range of hospitality staff including kitchen porters, wait staff, facilities management delivery drivers and more.

The benefits of using Gigable to find hospitality staff

Reduce Recruitment Costs

Reduce your reliance on recruiters and online job platforms by getting access to our network flexible workers, available to hire on-demand for shifts. Build a network of reliable gig workers you know and trust to support the needs of your business, and avoid the heartache of constant churn and recruitment.

Get Full Control

You choose the rates of pay, and how long you hire each worker for. Hire them for a full shift and find the skills your business needs. Gigable can help you find a wide range of talented flexible workers for temporary jobs. These include jobs like waiting staff, kitchen porters, barbacks and delivery drivers. Whatever you need, you can rely on the Gigable network to find the right workers with the skills.

Provide Worker Benefits

Gigable freelancers get access to meaningful worker benefits including; fuel cards that can save £200 a year on fuel; discounts in retailers like Halfords, Sports Direct and Samsung; digital GP care and mental health counseling; accident and injury cover; paid leave and more. You can hire with confidence, knowing that everyone you hire has access to leading benefits and protections that gig economy workers rarely benefit from.

Leverage Gigable software to supercharge your business

When you join Gigable as a business, you get access to a wide range of powerful features and automations that boost your operational efficiency and help you manage the staff you hire more effectively.

Access our Network

When you join Gigable you get access to our reliable network of thousands of local self-employed workers. Never be short staffed again. Use our growing network of local, talented flexible workers to find fill those gaps in your roster. Whether you need to fill kitchen porter jobs or waiter jobs, tap into the Gigable network to find what you need at a moments notice.

Live Tracking

Every worker you hire through Gigable is tracked in real-time using GPS tracking. Have full confidence in knowing where your staff are at all times and chat to them at any stage using our app. Get full visibility of when staff start and finish working using our in-app check in feature, and get real-time tracking information and scoreboards to get valuable insights into the movements of your staff to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Integrated Payments & Scheduling

Easily pay the workers you hire and manage all of your invoices in one unified platform. Directly pay the workers you hire via our web portal or via our mobile app for business owners on the go. Schedule your roster using our built in scheduling and calendar tools. With multiple different payment methods, you can easily manage all of your staff and their payments all in one place, on the Gigable platform.

Dedicated Support

Our support team and your dedicated account manager will be on hand to provide you support 7 days a week. You will have a dedicated account manager to help you for your entire time with Gigable (and not just for onboarding). This support includes giving you expert advice on how you post gigs on the Gigable network to help ensure you have a consistent experience when looking for temporary hospitality staff.

Data Insights

Gigable can provide you unique insights into worker efficiency and the gigs that you post. Partner with Gigable and power your business with unique data insights. Create scoreboards to track which of your staff are the most efficient and reliable workers. Get unique insights from GPS tracking to identify where your staff are at all times during their shift, and to identify unique insights and opportunities using heatmaps


This article has explored a number of ways to find a reliable source of hospitality staff for your business. Traditional approaches are costly. They cost you time by absorbing you into a perpetual cycle of posting jobs, interviewing candidates, checking references and training new staff, only to find yourself back at square one when the new hires inevitably churn. Leveraging ideas such as referrals with your existing, trusted employees can help, however its clear a more robust solution is needed.

That's where we believe Gigable can offer your business a better solution. We believe our network of reliable freelance workers can support the needs of your hospitality business by providing you with a consistent source of flexible staff available to work temporary jobs on a part-time shift basis. The Gigable network gives your business a reliable source for a wide range of jobs including; kitchen porter jobs, food delivery driver jobs, wait staff jobs and more.

Join the Gigable network today to see how Gigable can supply your business with a constant source of skilled hospitality staff who can work part-time shifts for your business.

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