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In 2017 the first Tribal Burger opened on Botanic Avenue in Belfast. The second store opened in 2018 on Callender Street. Tribal Burger has worked with top artisan producers to carefully curate their menu of burgers, wings, shakes and more. 

Meal delivery services account for 30% of Tribal Burger's business. Before using Gigable, the team at Tribal Burger had tried other food delivery service providers but continually faced challenges which forced Tribal Burger to look at an alternative.

Gigable helped Tribal Burger cut high commission costs 

Director at Tribal Burger, Paul Catterson, highlighted that Tribal Burger was paying costly commissions for third-party delivery platforms of anywhere between 30% and 32% on orders. Working with Gigable allowed Tribal Burger to succeed in cutting aggregator delivery platform costs without sacrificing quality. “Gigable for us was a game-changer in that regard. It helped us save on our commissions that we were paying for third-party delivery platforms, it helped us control the quality of the driver that we were working with, it helped us control the quality of the food that we were able to sell and it meant that the customers were far happier with Tribal Burger.” Paul Catterson, Director at Tribal Burger.

It was important for the team at Tribal Burger to stay in control of their food service delivery. When they chose Gigable, Tribal Burger had complete control over what delivery drivers they selected to complete deliveries for their restaurant. As a result of choosing the right freelancer for them, a far better working relationship formed between the in-house restaurant team and the drivers delivering orders.

Gigable helped us take control back from the other delivery providers. We had complete control over what time the food left the restaurant [and] when it got to the customer.

Paul Catterson, Director, Tribal Burger.

The impact on Tribal Burger’s bottom line

Using Gigable allowed Tribal Burger to turn over more net profit on the delivery part of the business due to the efficiency that they gained with Gigable. They saved costs using Gigable. The fees with Gigable were dramatically less than the percentages they were paying to the other online providers. Tribal Burger found that they can now deliver food faster by being able to access a network of freelance food delivery drivers, ready to work in their area. Meaning, an increase in the number of deliveries that Tribal Burger could fulfill using Gigable drivers compared with other third-party food delivery companies.

We took back control of the online and delivery side of our business with Gigable. It's been essential for us in growing the business over the the last few years and we look forward to working with Gigable for a long time.

Paul Catterson, Director, Tribal Burger.

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