April 13, 2021

What to expect for your first Gig

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What to expect for your first Gig

So you have created a profile on Gigable and have just got accepted for your first gig. What next?

We have outlined some tips below to help you ace your first Gig!

  • Ensure that you arrive on time in a suitable vehicle and wear clean, suitable clothing and dress respectably.
  • Check in for your gig using your Gigable App, and make yourself known to the business when you arrive.
  • No cash is needed, as all orders are completed online
  • The business will provide you with instructions for your gig so please ensure these are followed and deliveries are punctual
  • Once the gig is finished, be sure to check out so the restaurant can process your payment

That's it! A simple guide on what to expect for your first gig.

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