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How Press Up pivoted during the pandemic with Gigable
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How Press Up pivoted during the pandemic with Gigable

How Gigable were able to offer instant scale and quality customer experience

Sue Power
September 14, 2022

Press Up Eats: The team required a  delivery service-model that allowed them to pivot during the pandemic

Press Up Hospitality Group is a leading hospitality company in Ireland with over 65 award-winning restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas, golf and gyms. Press Up's Head of Brand Operations, Alun Friswell told Gigable,

"when the pandemic hit, our sales dropped by immediately 90% to 95%."

But Press Up Eats was wise in its decision-making and quickly implemented a delivery service-model for its restaurant and hospitality businesses.

Press Up Eats didn't realise the demand for delivery would be so great. Orders poured in that they weren't able to fulfill, and they were losing customers and profit while burning out their in-house delivery drivers.

Alun: "We went from doing 40, maybe, deliveries a week, to doing 5, 6, 700, and we just couldn't fulfill the orders. So we would just reject order after order, losing customers."

Then they got Gigable.

Gigable was able to deliver instant scale

Press Up Eats selected Gigable as their delivery services partner because of our ability to provide instant scale and quality customer experience. We were able to quickly take on the delivery volume, onboard the locations, and get Press Up making money again.

When asked if Gigable has delivered what they'd hoped, Alun Friswell told us,

"it's made it a viable business model that when we go back to dine-in, we'll continue... the actual ease of use has just become easier and easier for the [delivery] drivers knowing us and us knowing the drivers; building up the regulars and having them pre-approved [rated] just removed a huge amount of issues for us."

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From pandemic to pivot: how Press Up created a profitable business model

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How Press Up pivoted during the pandemic with Gigable

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