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Gigable Press Coverage

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Gigable had some exciting press coverage this month, covering our partnership with the Press Up Group. We're delighted to see Gigable growing and continuously gaining recognition from national media outlets. In this podcast with Adrian Weckler, tech editor of the Irish and Sunday Independent, our CEO and founder John Ryan speaks in defence of the gig economy and discusses how we at Gigable are working to make the gig economy fairer and more secure for freelancers. This piece also by Adrian Weckler, featured in the Irish Independent, highlights Gigable in light of our partnership with Press Up Group and discusses some of Gigable's major milestones so far. We were also featured in this piece by Will Goodbody for RTE, discussing our partnership with Press Up Group and the moves being made within the gig economy to make it a fairer way of working. Finally the Sunday Business Post featured Gigable in the Business Post Plus, highlighting our partnership with Press Up!

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Gigable Press Coverage

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