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International Workers Day

Did you know that yesterday was International Workers Day? Also known as ‘Labour Day’. It comes from a history of honouring employee contributions and hard work and is celebrated widely across the world.

Because of that, today we want to honour you; our freelancers and businesses. On behalf of Gigable, a huge thank you from us to you for all your hard work!

International Workers Day was something we wanted to celebrate this year because freelancer contributions are our bread and butter. We’re the first in the gig network to provide workers with access to paid leave benefits across the UK & Ireland. We think it’s super important to have a transparent and fair gig economy that provides you with security, and your experience is something we care deeply about -  which is why we’ve partnered with Collective Benefits. All you have to do to unlock your benefits is complete 5 gigs in a month. You’ll have access to amazing features like digital GP services, deals and discounts, free fuel cards, wellness programmes, and more! If you complete 15 gigs per month, you'll have access to even more benefits such as: accident and injury pay, sick pay, and compassionate leave.

We’re also grateful for the businesses who’ve partnered with us and allow us to be an innovator in the gig economy. By partnering with us and working with Gigable freelancers, we’re able to provide benefits whilst maintaining flexibility. The collaboration across our network offers us the chance to grow and keep improving both the freelancer and business experience.

Once again, happy International Workers’ Day all - and thank you from us to you!

International Workers Day

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International Workers Day

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