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Perfecting your Gig Description
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Perfecting your Gig Description

Siofra Mcmahon
September 21, 2021

How to Perfect your Gig Description

Here are Gigable's top tips for perfecting your all important gig description, allowing you to attract the best freelancers on the platform!
  1. Be Detailed

Tell the freelancer as much as you can about the gig. Do you have any special requirements, e.g. is there a dress code, do you have a maximum radius for deliveries, do you need a particular vehicle type, are there regular work opportunities for effective freelancers? These are all questions our freelancers want answered before they apply!

2. Offer fair and competitive payment rates

Did you know freelancers earn €12.30 per hour on average using Gigable? Competitive pay rates make gigs more attractive for freelancers, so ensure your rates are fair.
You can break down your rates in a number of ways: a flat rate for the entire shift, an hourly rate, a per delivery rate, or a combination of these.
For example, offering an hourly rate of €10 per hour, plus an additional €2.50 per delivery incentivizes freelancers to complete deliveries as efficiently as possible while ensuring your business is attractive to work for!

3. Be Transparent!

Tell the Freelancers exactly what type of work you’re offering. Will they be asked to help with tasks other than driving,

4. Added Perks and Benefits

Offering added incentives for freelancers will make a big difference to their morale and experience with your business.
Food offers, such as complimentary or subsidised meals or refreshments like tea, coffee, or soft drinks while on shift are common place on Gigable. Offering these types of added extras makes your gig more competitive!
Extra payment for long distance deliveries, will also help to entice freelancers to return to your business. Offers such as these are utilised by many businesses on the Gigable platform, so consider adding some of your own to ensure your gig gets noticed!


5. Show some personality

Make people want to work for you. Let them know that the work will be enjoyable, that there will be a good working atmosphere on-site, and that your brand is one they want to be associated with!

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Perfecting your Gig Description

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