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Top Tips to increase your Gig Fulfilment

Top Tips to increase your Gig Fulfilment

Top Tips to increase your Gig Fulfilment!

Siofra Mcmahon
November 25, 2021

While freelance delivery drivers are independent contractors, it's important to think of them as a member of your team, delivering your brand to your customers. Having good relationships and paying well will lead to a better experience all round, and will motivate freelancers to work with you again in the future.

Top tips to increase your Gig Fulfilment

- Consistency is key. Drivers remember when they get paid (and especially when they don't), so Gigable recommends you pay drivers no later than a week after the gig ends to avoid driver churn. 

- Pay a living wage. Gigable recommends you pay at least a living wage to your drivers to offset rising inflation and fuel costs. When asked, drivers said they want €10.40 an hour and €3 per delivery (or £8.80 an hour and £2.50 per delivery in the UK)

- A little goes a long way. Just €2/ £1.70 an hour more could increase applicant numbers by as much as 70%.

- Remove the uncertainty for applicants. Adding a guaranteed minimum wage and perks (like free meals) to your gig description could increase applications by as much as 78%.

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Top Tips to increase your Gig Fulfilment

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