1. Purpose

This fulfilment Service Level Agreement (SLA) describes the terms and conditions that apply to Gigable’s commitment in respect of the fulfilment of posted gigs under the subscription model of the Gigable platform.

This SLA covers all aspects of gig fulfilment.

The terms and conditions outlined in this SLA are additional to and must be read in conjunction with Gigable’s TERMS OF SERVICE.

To the extent of any inconsistency between the terms in this SLA and Gigable terms as set out in the TERMS OF SERVICE the terms in the SLA will prevail.

Gigable are committed to creating a platform where the minimum expectation of the hourly rate for Freelancers is in-line with the National Living Wage as defined by the UK Government 2023 UK GOV National Living Wage.

Gig Owners agree to pay a Freelancer the gig hourly rate plus any further agreed enhancements as defined in the posted Gig. Gig Owners agree if the final rate of hourly payment to the Freelancer falls below the National Living Wage, the Gig Owner agrees to pay the Freelancer a minimum of the National Living Wage hourly rate.

Please note that it is important that the living wage commitment is not deemed to be the rate of pay that must be paid to the Freelancer per hour. It is rather a minimum rate of pay being committed to by the Gig Owner. If the final pay per hour, per the advertised rates of pay on the gig, exceeds the living wage, the Gig Owner must commit to paying the amount owed as advertised, as opposed to the minimum living wage amount.

2. Fulfilment

Gigable agree to meet a fulfilment level of 85% on a monthly basis.

(One month is calculated on the Gig Owners billing period).

If the Gig Owners posted gig fulfilment levels falls below Gigable’s high standard the Gig Owner is entitled to compensation (refund) equal to 1 (one) month subscription value (monthly cost) as defined in the signed TERMS OF SERVICE agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt this SLA covers the fulfilment of gigs which meet the following criteria.

a. Gigs posted with at least 72 hours prior to the Gig start time.

b. Gigs starting no earlier than 7am and finishing no later than 11pm.

c. Gigs must have the ‘Instant Accept’ feature enabled for the entire time the gig is posted.

d. Valid for billing period (month) when gig Owners have posted a minimum of 30 gigs.

e. Merchants agree the minimum final hourly payment rate made to Freelancers meets or supersedes the National Living Wage.

f. Gig Owners agree only gigs where the Gig Owner has enabled the "Living Wage" minimum payment feature will be considered under this SLA.

g. After the GA (General Availability) release of the “Living Wage” feature, all gigs posted on the platform must have this living wage feature enabled for the duration of the posted gig for the gigs to be considered as part of this SLA.

3. Definition of Fulfilled Gigs

      Gigs owners accept the following definition of fulfilment.

a) Any open Gig with active applicant or previously applicant(s).

b) Any expired gig with an active or previously active applicant(s).

c) Any cancelled gig with an active or previously active applicant(s).

d) Any ‘To be paid’ (i.e., “completed”) Gig.

e) Any ‘Processing’ Gig.

f) Any ‘Paid’ Gig.

4. Clarity

For terms of clarity Gigable do not take any responsibility in respect of this SLA for the following;

a) Gigs posted within 72 hours of the gig start time.

b) Gigs cancelled by the Gig Owner with active applicants.

c) Gigs cancelled by the owner with no active applicants and where the gigs were cancelled before 72 hours have elapsed since gig was posted.

d) Any Gigs posted with a start time before 7am on the date of the gig.

e) Any Gigs posted with an end time after 11pm on the date of the gig.

f) Any Gigs posted without the ‘Instant Accept’ feature enabled, or any gigs where the ‘Instant Accept’ feature is temporarily or permanently disabled.

g) Fewer than 30 posted gigs in a monthly billing period.

h) National Living Wage not meet/enabled on posted/paid gigs.

Last updated on 13 February 2023.