How The Regency Club use Gigable to support their delivery service

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We sat down with Rahul Sharma, the Director of the Regency Club in Queensbury, London. Founded in 1991, The Regency Club is rooted in the fusion of Indian spices and influences of Kenyan cooking. The Regency Club is a family business and one of the finest bars and grills around London.

While The Regency Club predominantly operates as a dine-in restaurant, they have been doing takeaways for a long time. In the beginning, it accounted for just 20% of their business. They thought that deliveries would allow the Regency Club to provide a new service for customers and improve business. Soon they realised the huge revenue stream that deliveries brought to the business.

Gigable helped The Regency Club double deliveries

Now deliveries are a huge part of their business—accounting for 40% of turnover at The Regency Club. Along with the growth that takeaways brought to the business it also brought with it a need to adapt processes and operations at The Regency Club to ensure they could run the delivery side of the business efficiently. They choose Gigable as a partner to help them do exactly that. “It has allowed us to completely streamline our ordering process and it allowed us to create a solution which is easy for our staff to use and for our customers it provides them with the best possible service” according to Rahul Sharma, Director, The Regency Club.  

Gigable, Flipdish and Deliverect support The Regency Club to offer a Regency Club-owned service for order taking, processing through to deliveries. The Regency Club know that the food is delivered to the standards they would like to give their customers. Knowing that they can ensure that the quality of service and experience that customers get is always going to be of the highest standards is an invaluable benefit of partnering with Gigable according to Rahul.

I would definitely recommend Gigable for any business like ours that would like to take on their own delivery and offer that service to their customers

Rahul Sharma, Director, The Regency Club, Queensbury, London.

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