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Gigable x 1PlusSecurity | Tackling increased demand for event security personnel & dependable event staff

Gigable x 1PlusSecurity | Tackling increased demand for event security personnel & dependable event staff

1PlusSecurity required flexible workers for concerts, festivals and events. They choose Gigable to support event planning, tackling the increased demand for event security personnel and concerns about sourcing dependable event staff for temp jobs or shifts.

Sue Power
December 15, 2022

To ensure that your event is well-staffed and runs smoothly, you need careful planning around how to find, manage, and pay events and security staff. If you're looking to find flexible security and event staff, there are a few different options to consider. One is to use an online platform or app that connects event organisers with gig workers in your area ready to work temp jobs or shifts.

Using this option, you’ll find a large pool of gig workers available for various event types—making it easy to find event staff quickly and efficiently. You can post jobs, receive applications from potential event staff, and view profiles and ratings for different applicants, which helps you make a more informed decision so you can find the right person for the job. You can also manage your staff and pay event staff or freelancers through the platform, which speeds up the process and makes it more convenient for everyone involved. The licensed private security provider, 1PlusSecurity chose this route.

Concerns about sourcing a dependable security crew

1PlusSecurity wanted a team of flexible event staff for various concerts and festivals. They choose to partner with Gigable to deliver just that. Gigable supports event planning by providing access to one platform to find, manage and pay a dependable security crew to service numerous concerts, festivals and events. 

CEO of 1PlusSecurity Alan Crowley stated, "There has been difficulty sourcing temporary security this year with staff shortages across all sectors resulting in a challenge which Gigable along with our experienced Human Relations team has now successfully contributed to solving. As we adapt to the flexible working model that has arisen post-pandemic, not only do Gigable provide pre-vetted security staff but it ensures that all staff are paid in excess of the minimum wage and are protected with added benefits." All Gigable freelancers have access to excellent health benefits such as GP and mental health services and time off work insurance as well as retailer discounts and fuel cards.

A seamless experience for organisers, contractors and workers

After an initial 3-month trial with 1PlusSecurity, the Gigable platform quickly became integral to connecting flexible workers for busy events and is becoming the preferred staffing solution to ensure safe and fun events. With this partnership, 1PlusSecurity can continuously promote available security shifts, choose a freelancer, and manage and pay them, all on the Gigable platform, providing temp jobs for security, stewards and other events staff.

CEO of 1PlusSecurity Alan Crowley added, "At 1 Plus Security, we believe in innovation and technology to provide integrated security solutions while maximising our employee experience. Gigable is a fitting partner as they have an exciting staffing platform which has streamlined communication with potential staff and our scheduling systems while providing an accurate audit trail through a user-friendly dashboard."

The benefits stack up

When it comes to event planning, some business owners may be hesitant to use an online platform that connects event organisers with gig workers because they are unfamiliar with the concept or how to manage a team of gig workers. Choosing Gigable for events was the best approach for 1PlusSecurity. They not only found the necessary staff, but Gigable also enabled them to communicate with staff regularly and track event staff in real-time during events to ensure the smooth running of their events. The benefits stack up for 1PlusSecurity. See why they choose Gigable to find, pay & manage flexible events security and events staff.

Convenience and efficiency

Event organisers can quickly find, manage, schedule and pay temporary staff and security personnel without having to spend time and resources on traditional hiring methods. Gigable eliminates manual processes saving valuable time and effort.

Access to a wide pool of talent

Gigable gives you access to a wide pool of qualified and experienced temporary event staff and event security personnel, allowing event organisers to find the right people locally for their specific needs. 

Streamlined communication and collaboration

Gigable provides tools and features that facilitate communication between event organizers and gig workers, enabling seamless event coordination. Gigable supports real-time communication and tracking of temporary event staff and security personnel. Shift check-in and check-out capabilities are provided. 

Cost savings

Event organisers can reduce their overall staffing costs as Gigable offers competitive and affordable pricing and cost-saving features.

Reliability and peace of mind

Freelancers on the Gigable platform are rated and verified to ensure gig workers are trustworthy and to help event organisers ensure the safety of their events. On top of this reliability, Gigable offers a convenient and secure payment system to pay your gig workers effortlessly through an integrated payment system. Multiple payment options and automated invoices and transaction statements are available to suit your business.

Use Gigable to find, manage, and pay temporary staff for events and security and make it easier for you to focus on other aspects of your event.

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Gigable x 1PlusSecurity | Tackling increased demand for event security personnel & dependable event staff

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