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ID Validation


Here are some tips to assist with your ID Verification:

1. Make sure all 4 corners of the ID are visible

2. The DOB and address match on all documents

3. All documents must be originals, not copies.

4. Make sure the photo is not blurry

5. Make sure the ID is valid and your name is the same on all documents

Acceptable Forms of Photo ID:

• Valid and In date Passport

• Driver’s license – front and back required

• National Age Card – front and back required

Acceptable Forms of Local ID/Utility Bill:

• Driver’s license – front and back required

• Utility Bill

• Car Insurance Policy

• Home Insurance Policy

• Social Insurance Document

• Government issued Document

• Tax Credit Certificate

• Letter from Revenue

*Tip Documents must be dated within the past six months*

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ID Validation

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