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We hear from Maigurs, about their time with Gigable

We hear from Maigurs, about their time with Gigable

Siofra Mcmahon
September 21, 2021

We want to highlight Gigable Freelancers, and this month we hear from Maigurs about his time with Gigable from his first gig with Elephant & Castle in Sandyford to his advice for someone ahead of their first gig...

Maigurs Gigable Freelancer

1. Tell us why you started with Gigable?

I was looking for an extra job for weekends. I got a job with Mizzoni pizza. That was my first delivery driver experience. My neighbour told me one day about Gigable and I signed up the same day and was accepted few days later for my first gig with Elephant & Castle in Sandyford, Dublin.2. What is your favourite thing about working with Gigable?My favourite thing is that I can work and pick my own hours with Gigable and it's flexible and easy to manage with my main job.3.If you could have one superpower to help your work, what would it be?That’s a tricky question... Probably it would be great if I could make traffic disappear. That's is what make delivery driver and customer more happy.4.What is the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Strangest thing that I ate was anchovies in a caesar salad.5. Have you any advice to someone ahead of taking their first gig on Gigable?My advice for new drivers is always be safety focused on the road. Be presentable when you arrive first time at a restaurant as that will help you be accepted again the next time!6. What are you looking forward to when the lockdown restrictions ease?When restrictions are over I would like to bring my family on a nice holiday. Even if we could drive around Ireland that would be great. There are so many beautiful places around country.

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We hear from Maigurs, about their time with Gigable

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