July 18, 2022

Get rewards, protections and benefits with Gigable.

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There’s a lot of reasons to work as a freelancer with Gigable. To make Gigable delivery the best gig available in town, we offer perks and rewards that acknowledge freelancers and their hard work gig after gig.

Whether you need GP services, want to access paid leave benefits, or are interested in deals and discounts on your favorite brands, Gigable has partnered with Collective Benefits, an insurance & benefits platform built specifically for independent workers. So you can get more out of every gig with Gigable.

What benefits are available?

Get real rewards such as discounts, fuel cards, mental health support and much more. Complete a minimum of five gigs each month to unlock your Gigable benefits. To keep enjoying your benefits complete the set number of Gigable jobs each month. The more gigs you do, the more benefits you get! See a list of perks available for flexible workers below.


5 Gigs/ mo

Physical, mental and financial perks to help you reach your goals—on and off the road.

  • Digital GP: Connect with a GP via phone or video conference.
  • 24/7 Advice Line: Get Help arranging your money and more.
  • Mental Health Support: Receive export support and counselling.

Deals and Discounts

5 Gigs/mo 

Save money on your everyday expenses.

  • Instore Discounts: Across major retailers like Halfords, Ticketmaster, Clarks, The Body Shop and many more.
  • Fuel Card: Get cash back on fuel you buy at Circle K.

Time off work / paid leave 

10 Gigs/mo

Financial security when you can't work. Gigable is the first to offer this benefit to gig workers across Ireland and the UK.

  • Accident and injury pay: keep getting paid if you get injured.
  • Sick and injury pay: keep getting paid if you get Ill or injured.
  • Family leave: paid leave if you welcome a new family member.
  • Compassionate leave: paid leave if you lose a loved one.
  • Disablement compensation: in the case of disablement.
  • Accidental death compensation: in the case of accidental death.

I’m in, where do I sign up?

To register for your Gigable benefits today, simply click below.

Sign up now for IRE benefits

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Learn more

Watch this short video to understand how the benefits works: 

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